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Be Well and Create.


Holistic Wellness Coaching

 Holistic Wellness Coaching
is about helping you

grow & thrive in all areas of your life. 

My specialty is in helping women "of a certain age" (45+) reinvent themselves & their lives, while discovering who they are truly meant to be.



Creativity Coaching meets you wherever you are on

your journey. 

Whether you want to write your first book, or unleash your inner Picasso, together we will discover your hidden passions and talents, while creating a realistic action plan that helps you to succeed. 

What exactly is Holistic Wellness Coaching?

Your heart & spirit know who you are and the path you should take. Your inner voice continually sends you messages and clues - the challenge is to listen to them.


That's where Holistic Wellness Coaching comes in. In addition to discussing healthy lifestyle options, together, we'll work to discover who you truly are and what you're meant to do. In ways that fit into your busy schedule. 


Holistic Wellness Coaching addresses you as a whole person: your body, mind, and soul. Together we'll create action steps to help you attain your dreams and aspirations, but we won't stop there!  We'll also unlock your hidden talents and desires, and create action steps to set you on the path of holistic good health, happiness, and fulfillment.

What exactly is
Creativity Coaching?

Sometimes it's hard to type the first word. Or lift a brush. Other times, the muse beats down the door demanding attention. Either way, creating can be a frustrating and lonely process. That's where Creativity Coaching comes in. 

I work with absolute beginners who want to express themselves but don't know how to begin, and with seasoned pros who are blocked, or find they are lacking inspiration, motivation, or direction. 

What do we do? Together, using coaching tools and exercises along with additional aids such as guided meditation, energy work, yoga, and in-depth conversations about you, your dreams and desires, we create immediate and long-term, realistic goals that help you on your path to creative fulfillment. 

What's Next


Free Consultation 

This is where we connect & spend some time talking about you and where you are in your life. What are your hopes & dreams? Aspirations?    


One-Time 1:1   

Time to dig deep & get personal. Together, we start to identify who you really are, and listen for those messages from your heart. Here we address a plan for your long-term goals, and consider branching out in new directions.    

 *Available in 1-month, 3-month,
and 6-month sessions. 


Weekly/Bi-Monthly 1:1 



This is an on-going relationship. Together, we address immediate and long-term goal setting to help you attain your hopes and dreams, while keeping you accountable. This is the ultimate investment in you and your journey. Plus, I'll be along as your biggest cheerleader!

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