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Take 2 Yoga 

The Yoga of New Beginnings.

Laughing Yoga

We all deserve a second chance.

That was my fundamental belief when I created Take 2 Yoga, Yoga of New Beginnings, and it still is today. 

For me, yoga holds a certain "magic power," that can be life-changing in many positive ways. Yoga is there for you as you find a new direction in your life, and when you prepare to take that next step.


Yoga is for all bodies and all ages. It never judges - not who you were, or what you've done. Yoga is only there to support you on your journey as you make positive life changes. Everyone starts fresh on their yoga mat.


The problem is, so many find yoga to be inaccessible. 

Enter: Take 2 Yoga, the Yoga of New Beginnings.

Take 2 Yoga is a "studio" created for an underserved population, one that may not otherwise have access to certified yoga teachers. 

Take 2 Yoga brings yoga on the road, in-person to the Charlotte, NC area, as well as other locations via Zoom. We teach yoga in a relaxed, nonjudgmental way to first-time yoga students as well as more experienced practitioners. 

The best part for you or your organization...? 

It is all completely free

Interested in finding out more for you or your organization? Reach out below! 

My Yoga Journey...

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I began my journey with yoga at the YMCA on 47th Street in Manhattan a lifetime ago—in the 1990s, and I knew in that instant yoga had affected me in a way nothing else ever had or ever would.

I was also certain I wanted to help others experience the freedom and peace yoga can offer both on the mat and off.

Since then, I have become a certified Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 500 and YACEP. I am certified in Y12SR (Yoga for 12-Step Recovery), as well as Trauma-Informed Yoga. I am a certified Energy Healer (including Reiki Healing), trained Wellness Coach, and Creativity Coach. I teach Meditation and Breathwork, and I'm also a long-time Yoga Studio Manager. In addition to being the Founder of Take 2 Yoga, I am the creator of a Yoga Studio Outreach program. 


As my teaching evolved, I realized something about myself - I was done with only teaching yoga in a studio to women whose yoga pants cost more than my weekly salary.

I knew that others - those who maybe could not afford regular yoga classes -  needed yoga as much as I did. That's when Take 2 Yoga was born. 

I am honored to work with you and your organization as we bring yoga and the second chance it offers, to every body. As an instructor, my focus is on a safe, welcoming, and nurturing class for my students, weaving in yogic philosophy and creating alignment-based cues.


I am a firm believer that yoga is for everyone and we use yoga every day, in all parts of our lives.


I've taught at numerous studios, retreat centers, retreats and events, including Flow Fest, the Whitewater Center, and the Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone. I host retreats and yoga events as well as train YTTs. I also specialize in yoga for creative types—teaching workshops to those wanting to set their inner muse free.

Most importantly, I work with anyone looking to begin again.

Take 2 Yoga, The Yoga of New Beginnings. 

Would you like to bring Take 2 Yoga to your organization?

Email below! 

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