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Join my STREET TEAM to get free books & great perks!


Do you LOVE to read?  Especially Wellness books? 

Would you like to receive a FREE (ARC) copy before the book is available to purchase? 

Are you interested in being part of a group? 

I am looking for a couple additional people to read and review my newest releases, including my upcoming release: 


What does it mean to join a Street Team? 
(It's really cool!) 

You'll receive a FREE (ARC) paperback (or sometimes PDF copy) of a soon-to-be released book. You post an honest review of the book on or around a specific date. 

Plus! You're the first to get info on new releases and street cred for joining the team! 

(Plus! There are occasional additional perks for members of the team!)

Who are you? 

Someone who loves to read, and specifically likes wellness, yoga, spirituality, and self-help. 

(Bonus if you like YA novels as well!)

Interested? Click on the button below!

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